A more efficient sugar factory

The conception, construction and exploitation of the new sugar factory, which are based on the most efficient technologies, offer an interesting economical trade-off for both growers and industrials as compared to existing plants. In the so-called “process” industries, the conception from scratch (“Greenfield project”) allows implementing new technologies with an integration level that would be out-of-the-way by updating an existing site.

Aerial view of the new factory

For example, the use of a gas turbine cogeneration plan, to be energy efficient, gives the advantage of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The gas turbine cogeneration plant is optimised and associated with the pulps drying. It will better value the main co-product, secures a margin gain for the growers and respects the circular economy principles. The new sugar factory will then respect much more the imperatives of energetic consumption reduction. External shocks such as fuel price increase or sugar world price decrease would also have a limited influence on the sustainability of the plant.

The lime kiln fired with coke and anthracite is replaced by a double gas lime kiln with significantly lower carbon emissions. The mini-campaign has been put aside to process 100% of the beets during the campaign to procure a more environmentally-friendly use. These changes tent to enforce the competitive advantage of the plant in the industry.