The CoBT has 1,600 members, including 1,400 beet farmers (holders of A, B, C and sometimes S shares) and 200 supporters (holders of S shares only).

These 1,600 members  are organized in 7 member circles, which function as local sections of the General Assembly, in order to ensure greater proximity between the cooperative and its members. Each co-operator has an identical voting right in its circle of members.

The member circles elect delegates from among their ranks to represent them at the General Assembly (one delegate per 30 members). Each circle also elects a director from among its delegates.

The General Assembly is currently composed of 54 delegates. The Board of Directors has 7 members.

Figure 1: Current governance structure of the CoBT

 When the prospective strategic and financial partners become CoBT cooperative members  (Class F shares) in the coming months, they will join the  General Assembly and appoint one or two members to the Board of Directors. The latter may have a maximum of 11 members at least 60% of whom must be farmers.

An Audit Committee and an Appointments and Remuneration Committee will also be set up by the Board of Directors.

The CoBT development team is currently consists of three employees. It works on a daily basis with three members of the Innovity consulting firm, which has been supporting the development of the project since 2016.

CoBT plans to recruit some 100 permanent employees by 2023 to ensure the operation of the cooperative and the Seneffe sugar factory.