As of October 2023, CoBT will offer its customers sugar, molasses, beet pulp and sugar skimmings.


Sucrose is a carbohydrate composed of glucose and fructose commonly known as sugar. It is naturally synthesized by sugar beet by photosynthesis, i.e. by the fixation of atmospheric carbon (estimated at 40 t of CO2 per hectare per year).

CoBT expects a production of sugar of the highest quality (n°1 and n°2) of 260,000 t/year from the 2023 production year onwards. This quantity will represent approximately 1.4% of European production, and should mainly be sold within a radius of 300 km around Seneffe. The sugar will be delivered in bulk, in big bags or in sacks.



Molasses is the part of the sweet juice extracted from the beet that is not crystallized. This syrup contains about 50% sucrose, and is widely used in food (human and animal) and fermentation.



The pulp is the flesh of the beet which is discharged as sugar. CoBT will package it in dry form (pellets with a minimum of 89% dry matter) and in over-pressed form (bulk with about 24% dry matter). The dry pulp will be steam (not flame) dried which will give it a very high quality.



Sugar skimmings consist of lime residues from the purification of sugar juices. They are used as lime fertilizer to balance the acidity of the soils.