Sustainable Company

CoBT will produce sugar and by-products with a low ecological footprint thanks to its farmer-centred cooperative model and highly efficient factory (the most modern in Europe).

Economical: CoBT will have very low production costs that will enable it to withstand the main economic uncertainties of its model over time, namely the price of sugar and energy.

Ecological: The CoBT factory will have a significant environmental advantage due to its small supply and sales radius and lower (-45%) and cleaner (-45%) energy consumption than the competition. In addition, the sugar extraction process follows a “zero waste” rationale, whereby all raw materials, except water, are recovered.

Social: The cooperative members will be remunerated fairly either by payment for their beet supply or by a reasonable dividend (for more information, click here). CoBT will also generate 100 direct and 300 indirect jobs (FTE equivalents).